I can just imagine the HOT, bright summer sunlight, as I look outside from the shelter of this cool, shady room next to the ocean water. The fishing shacks on the dock in the distance remind me that we will head out to get a lobster roll for lunch soon. Ah, summer!

Summer Ocean Light.jpg

Image size: 10 X 16″.

Contact me (on the drop-down menu CONTACT page of this website) to purchase. 


  1. Hi,

    Your paintings are wonderful and enriched by your comments about each. What a bonus to find tips on painting in watercolors!!My grandson paints so will have him read these. Your mother and I just connected as first cousins so I guess we are second cousins? Iris Paquet Orlen


    1. Hi Iris! I’m so glad you enjoyed my paintings! Thank you for the compliments and for checking out my website. Let me know if your grandson finds the tips helpful or what other specific watercolor topics he might be interested in learning more about… Thanks again.


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