Bright, summer light warms the grasses, flowers, and busy insects on the hill close by the cool, dark shade of nearby trees. I can hear the trickle of the stream at the foot of the hill. There’s bird song all around. Let’s find a soft spot for a relaxing picnic where we can gaze off toward the blue, distant mountains to the west as we eat. You bring the BBQ chicken and potato salad; I’ll provide the iced tea, lemonade, and the oatmeal raisin cookies.

T's Light On Hill

Image size: 11 X 14″.

Contact me (on the drop-down menu CONTACT page of this website) to purchase.

Original, unframed:  $235, includes postage, handling, insurance.

Avoid all postage, handling, and insurance costs by picking purchases up at Watercolors at Tumblers Bottom Gallery and Studio, located at 64 Meadow Road, Townsend, MA. 01469.

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