Apple blossoms fill an orchard! They promise spring, warmth, beauty, renewal, the bounty of nature. Listen to the buzz of honeybees at work and smell the wonderful fragrance on the breeze! Enjoy now, AND imagine crisp apples to come, and mulled, sweet, or hard cider, fresh-made apple pie, baked apples, warm cider doughnuts, caramel apples, strudel, apples bread, apple butter, apple jelly. Oh joy!

Apple Blossoms LAMH.jpg

Image size: 11 X 14″.

Contact me (on the drop-down menu CONTACT page of this website) to purchase. Or request a print of this painting.

Original, unframed:  $235, includes postage, handling, insurance,                          Print, white mat and clear bag:  $115, includes postage,

Avoid all postage, handling, and insurance costs by picking purchases up at Watercolors at Tumblers Bottom Gallery and Studio, located at 64 Meadow Road, Townsend, MA. 01469.


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